“I think it’s an important time in Mexico-US relations, and I think it’s an important time to reach out and sort of hold hands," said Consul General Viginia Staab. "We are so much stronger working together. ”
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Standing behind a bright pink poster of a giant sprinkled doughnut, Halina Fimbres pressed samples into the hands of passersby."You have to try this one. It's a like a cinnamon roll, but in a doughnut. It's delicious," she said. "Enjoy it!"Fimbres is a 31-year-old entrepreneur who started her doughnut-making business Creizy Donuts in Nogales, Sonora just over a year ago. She's said she thinks her's is the only doughnut shop on either side of the border in Ambos Nogales, or both Nogales.

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