UPS AND DOWNS NEW YORK (AP) _ The following list shows the Nasdaq stocks and warrants that have gone up the most and down the most based on percent of change Only securities with closing prices or previous closing prices of at least $2 and at least 1000 shares traded are included Net and percentage changes are the difference between last week’s closing price and this week’s closing price UPS Name LastChgPct

1Omeros4 64+2 03Up77 82ClovisOncol2 85+1 15Up67 63AxsomeTher40 64+16 18Up66 14DeciblTher4 12+1 63Up65 55AgrcoAcAn13 36+4 78Up55 76IndaptusThrs3 13+1 10Up54 27Ads-Tecn7 58+2 45Up47 88RainThera5 38+1

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